Bar Ray Fabric Catalog 2016 Catalog - 224718-2 : Cover 1

HIGH-TECH meets HIGH FASHION The New Look of Radiation Protection Apparel HEAD’S UP CAP TM EYEWEAR Comfort, fashion and superior eye protection in over 40 styles pg 46 6 ways to protect your head with this lead-free, disposable, lightweight cap pg 44 THYROID COLLAR Protect your thyroid in style and pair with our disposable cover for optimum usability pg 26 & 45 CUSTOMIZABLE FABRICS Combine your favorite fabrics to match your personality pg 78 SMARTID ® The easy way to manage your radiation protection inventory pg 4 PROTECTION Choose from 5 types of protection including Scatter Sentry TM , our bi-layer product which is IEC 61331-1 2014, ASTM and DIN compliant pg 6 the global leader in personal radiation protection SM

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